Build with quadriga generalbau

Stage 1:

We get to know each other personally.

At a non-binding meeting we visit your property together. You will learn the most important things about our services , our know-how and our approach. We in turn get a first impression of your property.

Stage 2:

We’ll create a free quote.

If you choose Quadriga Generalbau GmbH, we will meet again: as you wish, in your property. You conclude a construction contract with us. Now it’s our turn.

Stage 3:

Quadriga Generalbau GmbH draws up a construction schedule and commissions individual building trades.

If necessary, this also includes requesting construction and site plans from the authorities. We create sketches, photos, descriptions etc. for you, we bundle them in a convincing construction schedule.

Stage 4:

Work on your property begins with your own construction management

Quadriga Generalbau GmbH is always present for you on site and in the office. We take calls, answer e-mails and faxes, make appointments and accompany them with our architects on their construction site.

Stage 5:

We carry out the negotiations on your behalf, for all trades.

This is a particularly important phase. Because now it is important to follow up with the trades by phone or in person if necessary. Responding to any objections is just as important as highlighting the special advantages and potentials of your property. In many cases we also create contacts between architects, Artisans and / or financial institutions.

Stage 6:

Preparation for acceptance of the construction work.

The Quadriga Generalbau GmbH carries out several partial approvals for the client. They are used by the individual construction companies to carry out any improvements.

Stage 7:

Handover and acceptance of the construction site.

If you wish, we can take over furniture assembly for you or accompany you. We would be happy to help you with your move out. If necessary, we will of course also find a new, suitable property for you.


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